Thursday, April 21, 2011


Time for Change
Over the past twenty or so years I've been working at various jobs, some I have enjoyed, some not so much. I felt I had to take these more traditional jobs because I had to support myself and my son. I have been a single mom for 26 years, I had my son at the age of 17 and went to college while working and then continued to work at jobs that for the most part I hated for the last 26 years because I always had someone else depending on me.

In January of this year my son left for the army. In the next two weeks he will be getting married and moving to his duty station in Colorado. For the first time in my adult life no one will be depending on me but me. I feel free in a way. My mistakes will be my own, if I go down in flames the only person going is me. Interestingly enough my last day at this job will be next Wednesday, due to a severe personality conflict with my  psychotic boss.

I've decided not to pursue another full time office job. I'm trying to start several businesses of my own and am trying to help two other family members do the same. Possibly my first big mistake within my new found independence?  Perhaps. After one day of freaking out and considering the possibility of being mentally ill because I have a problem holding down a traditional nine to five job I decided that if I didn't do this now I probably never would. I've been desperately trying to run my multiple side jobs and falling further and further behind because of my regular job. My businesses will never get of the ground this way. Of course, I now no longer have a steady paycheck which makes my heart skip a beat when I think about it.

I'm taking the big leap. I believe I can make it pay off. I'm smart and I have a lot of good experience. I will keep my blog updated on my progress or lack there of.

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  1. You're not crazy. I think the ones who constantly complain about it day after day for years but have no plans to do anything about it are. So I think you're one up on them. It's irrelevant whether or not you take off because what matters is doing something about it.

    And it sounds to me like your head is perfectly planted on your shoulders. Now is the right time to try things, you're free and without a small child dependent on you.

    I support you all the way, Madd Dogg!

  2. Yes, you're not crazy at all! There will be people who say that you're crazy and you will fail but that doesn't matter! There are just jealous because they are afraid of leaving their dreams! You know yourself and you know that you are ready and welcome every opportunity that will come to you to pursue your dream. It is nothing wrong with the idea to work on your own. You will find the right way and you will be successful because you have the guts to take such a big step! Stay positive about everything that comes to you and the universe will help you! (that sounds weird ;_; but that's true!)

    I will support you all the way as well!