Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Industrial Chic? Contest!

Rusty Chic Wingnut

I've been making some jewelry that is actually turning into my favorites. It's industrial chic, industrial, that type of thing. I've been playing around with what I wear it with, anything from T-shirts to dresses, to work clothes. A lot of the pieces work well with any style.

I'm working on making some more elegant pieces, to wear with really dressy clothes and I want to include more colors. I want to give the line a catchy name that no one else is using. I thought of Industrial Elegance but someone is already using that, I don't want to copy.

So I have an idea, I'm going to have a contest! Send me some ideas that I can use, that no one else is using and the person's idea that I pick can win a free item. You can pick the prize from my shop, any item that is under $30.00

Black Chain Earrings
Industrial Gold Tone Bracelet

Silver Industrial Necklace

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