Saturday, January 28, 2012

Klondike the Traveler

As many of you know I have a good friend who is a Siberian Husky named Klondike. A mere six months ago he had never left the central coast of California. He has now traveled through six states, more than some people have been through their entire lives. I thought I would document our current trip from Oregon to Colorado through his eyes. This was a 1488 mile trip that took about 48 hours. We did not stop to sleep in any hotels, I stopped twice to sleep which proved difficult because it was around 10 degrees and Klondike can be noisy.

Snow in Oregon
We started in Oregon, the day we left it had snowed all night. This was the first time Klondike has seen or been in snow, he loved it.

We drove most of the first day through Oregon, which due to the storm was quite hair raising. I might do a blog post later about the trip through my eyes. The second day we made it to Idaho, Klondike did not seem impressed.

Klondike in Idaho
Idaho was actually the only state I almost lost control of the car, the roads where quite icy. Next we hit Utah, a very beautiful state. Klondike had a different view though.

Klondike in Utah
Next up was Wyoming. I personally love Wyoming but once again Klondike was unimpressed.

Klondike in Wyoming
A frozen river in Wyoming

Next we crossed the Continental Divide, I thought that was cool, Klondike was not excited.

Klondike at the Continental Divide.
So what does it take to impress Klondike now? Stay tuned to find out.

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