Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY Jewelry Wall Displays

I have agreed to do a consignment deal with a coffee shop in a nearby town that gets a lot of tourists. It's actually as part of an artist's collective. I like the people and it seems like it could be a good opportunity. The only problem was I had to make my own display that would hang on the wall. I'm not particularly "crafty", sure I make jewelry and I use to draw and paint every day (may get back into that eventually) but I don't make crafts or do it yourself projects. Luckily my daughter in law helped, thank you Amber.

I decided to do it as kind of a simple do it yourself blog post after being inspired by my friend Mako who has been making some really cool DIY videos on YouTube. You should check out her Facebook page and Etsy shop.

Ok so here we go. I decided since I have three distinctive styles of jewelry I would get three picture frames. We went to a local thrift store and found these:

Ugly, but cheap. I got some gold spray paint and painted them as is with the pictures and mats still in them. I thought they would turn out solid gold but the paint reacted strangely with the pictures and came out with some interesting patterns which I like a lot better than solid anyway. Here's how they look all painted:

They first one I worked on was for my wine cork necklaces. I needed a way to hang them on the frame so I cut up some wine corks and glued them on. It turned out really well. I painted a clear plastic business card holder I had and stuck it on as well so people can take a card if they want. Notice how the paint is splotchy? Not intended but it looks like I did it on purpose.

Next I did one for my steampunk necklaces. We had bought some gear charms to add to the frame to add some interest. I really like this one also. Once again the way the center and mat turned out was not intentional but it sure looks like it was.

The third frame was for my industrial earrings. I'm not as crazy about this one, but I wanted to get this done and in the shop so I could start selling. When I think of something better I will redo it. I took this frame and some wire I use for wire wrapping and strung it across.

Here they all are on the wall:

I'm really pleased with how it turned out, especially since this was my first try at something like this. It only took a few hours, including drying time and it cost about $20.00 total. Not too bad.

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