Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses

First Snow

Most people who know me know I have a very cool Siberian Husky named Klondike. He's my best friend and brings a lot of joy to my life and hopefully I do the same for him. I walk him first thing every morning before I do anything else. He's very patient with me, lately I've been really busy and he doesn't complain about it, except for an occasional, loud sigh. I'm one of those people that's always in a hurry and rushing to do something, especially this holiday season. My business ended up being much busier than I expected and I've been kind of a maniac. Klondike, on the other hand, likes to take his walk in the morning and enjoy the start of the day at a little slower pace. He especially loves to smell flowers, his favorite are roses, he even likes to smell the bush when there are no flowers. This makes our morning walks interesting because I'm always trying to rush and he's always trying to stop and smell the roses. Eventually I realize that I'm being silly and whatever is waiting for me at home can wait a while longer, it's not going anywhere. So we slow down and enjoy the morning, smelling roses and watching birds and chasing squirrels, it ends up being very relaxing and starts my day on a positive note, probably helping me get all my stuff done more efficiently in the long run.

My point? This time of year it seems like everyone is running around in a hurry and rushing to get things done and getting pretty stressed out and grumpy. Maybe take a page from Klondike's book and slow down and smell the roses, it might help lessen the grumpiness a little.

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