Friday, November 12, 2010

Super Blue Topaz in Silver / Wire Wrapping Basics

I've been going to gem shows and rock hound shows for years. Recently I started noticing wire wrapping. I really liked the way it looked and how it was different from traditional settings. I thought that doesn't look too hard maybe I'll try it and set all my gemstones. Boy was I wrong about it not being hard. I also didn't understand  why there was a need for all the different types of wire, square, round, half round, hard, soft, all the different gauges. The first stone I wrapped turned out pretty well I think but it was incredibly difficult, so difficult I was putting off doing my next one. I had originally used 24 gauge round wire, big mistake. This time I tried 22 gauge square wire, I also used 24 gauge round for a small part of it. The heavier gauge square wire was much easier to use and I really like how it looks. I will keep experimenting with different wire types to see what works best with what.

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