Monday, March 21, 2011

Why You Should Buy My Stuff

I've tried to refrain from directly promoting my jewelry on here and other social networking sites. I've read over and over that people don't want a hard sell, they want value, give them value and they will come. All of which I agree with to a point. At some point you do need to sell your stuff, you need to let people know why they should buy it, what will they get out of it, why your stuff is super awesome.

Here's why my stuff is super awesome and why you should buy it. My stuff makes people  happy. It's true, I've seen it in action. I've been to a couple craft shows and people pick up "Robot Under Glass" and they smile. I've given away pieces to friends and they smile when they look at it and wear it. I look at certain things I've made and I smile. I am selling happiness. Sound crazy? Maybe, but it's true, even during these difficult financial times people need to smile, maybe more so now than ever.

Here's a deal, if  you see something I'm selling that makes you smile but maybe the price is just too high then send me a message and I will work out a deal for you. I'm nice and easy to get a long with and I truly want to make people happy.

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