Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Building SEO

I'm fairly new to blogging, I started at the end of October 2010 I believe. I started because I wanted to promote the things I make but it has turned into something more than that, I find I really enjoy blogging. As a began this journey I started doing research on how best to promote and market. I have a bachelor's degree in marketing but I honestly don't know much about online marketing as I went to school 20 years ago. I keep reading about SEO, Search Engine Optimization. I had a general idea what it meant but I've been pretty foggy about the whole thing. I went to a sales and marketing conference yesterday and the meaning of SEO became clearer to me so I thought I would share what I found out in terms that would help people like me, who aren't necessarily as internet savvy as a lot of people. 

SEO is basically getting your name or your business's name on to the first page of search results when you do a search on Google and other search engines. The way you go about doing that is getting your name out as much as possible. For example, you have a blog or Etsy shop and you want people to find it when they search for your name or product, the way it will come up on the search engine is related to how much it is out on the internet. That's why you want to have a Facebook page, that gets your name out there, then when someone likes you it goes on their Facebook page, each time you SEO goes up a little bit. When you are on Twitter if people re-tweet your tweets or mention you, your SEO goes up a little. It's almost like building a pyramid. It also doesn't happen immediately, I've noticed it takes around a month for Google to start seeing you so don't give up if you don't see immediate results. I hope that helps, it helped me figure out how I want to get my name out there more and how I want to do that now that it's a little clearer for me.


  1. Thank you for sharing your tips! For me it is often TOO much to have twitter, facebook, here and that.. It's like you have to use 10 different types of media to get more "popular" on the internet. Sometimes I just want to bother other people. I hope it's enough to have a blog with interesting postings and a twitter for daily updates or for communication!
    Your work inspires me to write more. I already wrote some articles I want to share with others. I hope to help people too!

  2. I agree, I think more than two or three outlets would be too much to handle. Plus the more you're on the internet the less time you have to make things. You just need to find what works for you, like you have, and stick to it.