Friday, May 13, 2011

Featured Artist “Parts and Accessories by NC”

This is a repost as Blogger seems to have lost the original.

Amy DeLorenzo is another artist I came across by reading the Etsy forums. I love her jewelry, it’s unique and beautiful. I definitely want to get the silver reaper charm necklace when I have more funds.

Here’s some more about her: 

“I have 2 passions in life, (besides watching TV of course) Archaeology and working with metal, whether it be the steel & chrome of a motorcycle or silver jewelry. Making my own jewelry indulges both of my passions. (Or all 3 if I find myself creating a new piece while sitting in front of the TV) I never rush while making my jewelry, I take my time and create each piece with great care so it is sure to last you a lifetime.”

Here’s a link to her shop:

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