Monday, May 9, 2011

Success and a Mother's Day Gift

Many of you who follow my blog know by now my son is in the Army. He has wanted to drive tanks since he was born. He's 26 now and is finally doing just that. He waited to join for various reasons, I was sick for a long time and he was helping me, and several of his girlfriends out of fear of losing him or with control issues talked him out of it.

I finally got better and he finally met a girl who is open minded and believes in letting people follow their dreams, and even provides support, love and encouragement so they can. This last week, after 15 weeks of extremely difficult training, my son came home on leave to visit and to marry this lovely young woman.

I was talking to my son and told him that although many people don't see me as successful, because usually I'm struggling financially and I have a hard time holding a regular 9-5 job, that I see the fact that I raised a truly good person who was able to achieve a life long goal and who is now incredibly happy to be a type of success.

His response was this, "When I tell people about you, I tell them you had me when you were 17, you were a single mom, and you worked full time while going to college so I could have a better life. I've always been proud of you and I've always considered you a success."

Thank you. Maybe we all should expand our ideas of what true success is and stop being so hard on others and on ourselves. My sister is always telling me I sell myself short, maybe she's right. Today is a new day, time to expand my horizons.

The happy couple.


  1. That's really sweet of him T_T Yes, success cannot be measured by money. Sure, if someone earns a lot of money he is successful but maybe not in other parts of his life. And sometimes it is enough to have a great family or friends and to know there are people who love you. To had a hard time and to master it is success as well!

  2. Thank you, you are always so positive and sweet. You are truly an awesome person.