Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Changes to SEO - Search Engine Optimization

I've been reading about the changes Google has made to their search engine. Evidently if you have duplicate content it won't put your content towards the top. So if you sell items in more than one venue and you are using the exact same titles and description you probably won't show up in searches. Also, if you are selling on a hosted website and other pages are considered low quality it affects everyone on that site. Definitely interesting stuff. Reading various forums it seems quite a few online sellers are freaking out because of this because they are now getting fewer views on their items.

This has led to me thinking about marketing my items. I've never considered Google search as my main source of potential leads or sales. I always figured I had to get people to my items in other ways like finding where my target market is and showing them my product. For example, my target market is primarily younger, college age women so I put a lot of my items on deviantArt, because that's where people that age are. I've gotten most of my sales from doing that. I need to find other sites like that to post my items and find my target market. I expect to have to find my customers and make the sale to them, I don't expect them to just randomly find me on some search engine. If they do that's great, but more like the icing on the cake, not the cake. So the changes Google has made don't really bother me. I will keep them in mind when I make new listings for sure but that's it, I'm not going to spend anymore time than that worrying about it.

Selling is hard work. It's always going to be more than writing the perfect description and title and developing perfect SEO and then sitting back and watching the sales come in. You have to earn your sales.

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