Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Customer Testimonials

Buying merchandise online can be scary for a lot of people. The product may not look the way they expected, they may not like it as much in person, it could get lost in shipping, they pay for it and it's never sent, there are lots of reasons not to buy online.

Sellers need to find ways to overcome these customer fears. One way to do that is previous customers' testimonials. What better way to help someone see that you are trustworthy than by the words of your previous customers? I put together a list of the testimonials I've received and posted them on my Etsy page and my Facebook page.

Here are some examples: "A very unique piece. Lovely!"

"My new favorite earrings."

"Beautiful piece. I get complimented every time I wear it!"

"WOW! Even better in person! LOVE THESE!"

"Just wanted to say that I came across your work through this photo and proceeded to immediately buy two things from your etsy.  Keep up the inspirational work!"

Sorry for faving quite a bunch of your stuff and filling in your inbox, but...its just...its so beautiful! Youre very talented and I wish I could buy everything from you. xD
Keep on going you!"

Does it help? I think it does, if they're positive, obviously if you get a negative comment that's not helpful for selling but I would still try to turn it into a positive by taking what they say and learning from it to make myself a better artist and seller.

A couple things you don't want to do are write your own testimonials, people can tell if they're not sincere, or paying people or otherwise influencing them to write you a positive review. It needs to be honest and heartfelt, those kinds of things come across even on the Internet. Not to mention the fact it would be dishonest, and I, as a business owner and a human being, want to be completely honest in everything I do.

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